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Kitchen crew are people without whom chefs can’t achieve their goals. Respect for the ingredients and your colleagues gives you a chance to succeed. Delicious food and guest satisfaction is what motivates us to work hard and continuously develop our passion.

Food and Ball by Milik
Food and Ball by Milik
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for lovers

of good food

I believe that sticking to strict rules spoils the taste of dishes and limits the freedom of creation.
My mission is to build unique culinary experiences for people who appreciate good food, to guide them through the meanders of countless types of products and, at the same time, not limiting myself and making the most of all cuisines around the world.


in our kitchen

The success on the pitch is a result of many different things. It's similar in the kitchen - whether the dish will delight us decide not only the skills of the cook, but also the quality of the products. In Food & Ball we work with regional suppliers and ephasise on seasonality.In this way we are provided with a guarantee that everything that we serve is full of aroma. We also apply the zero waste principle, maximizing the use of all the products available in our kitchen.

Food and Ball by Milik
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